ssh is pretty cool. it's installed on almost every computer, it has OK performance, has authentication built in, and how to use it is widely understood.

a single pipe of bytes probably isn't the ideal format, but it works well with a single stream of packets and basically all of the unix world is all-in anyways.

there are many things that maybe don't need to be websites. or, they can be websites too, but maybe just http to a web browser isn't endgame.

public access unix systems are an interesting concept. i wish there was more of that, and maybe that irc was better than is reasonable to ask of it.

anyways, you can make full screen apps that take over a terminal anytime you want you can write to them like a screenbuffer. You can run them locally, the binary can serve the game to multiple users. whatever. reimplememt lotus 123 if you want.

if more terminals supported sixel then image support would be reasonable to include too, right now it's possible but we are not sixel yet. a big win would be windows twrminal

computers can be fun and accessible. it can be convenient to do things with a computer. i want to believe.