open source


yesterday was the day when hashi decided that it didn't need

the open source community which helped build it.

hashi has decided to switch from mpl to busl.

busl is not open source,

it reverts to open source after 4 years.

this is unfortunate, to start, it's a security risk.

now, they say that you can use it so long as you aren't a competitor.

but here's the thing, the linear progression of time exists.

hashi can expand.

the only way to know if hashi will sue you is by emailing an address at hashi.

so you have to go ask them,

and then that answer?

is only good for that moment in time.

now every time you add any feature, you've got to think--

does hashi offer this service?

will hashi offer this service one day?

is it worth risking all the effort we put into our hashi stack just to add this feature?

hashi stack is a liability.

hashi stack considered harmful.