web frameworks


looking like we're gonna make websites as a way to contract in the local area and to rebuild company website.

thinking along something like

main tools

- leptos <--- javascript bad

- pavex <-- this is pre-alpha but is best rust dependency injection we've seen

- htmx <--- simple websites with localized data blocks

- tailwind <--- avoid css

- stripe <-- payments

- libsql <-- sqlite++ w/hosted Turso

considering alternatives including sveltekit react t3 django laravel

probably postgres for if needing a larger db instance, but not sure. for olap looking at duckdb and trustfall and possibly distributed flat files (many formats, but including parquet to columnar orient). plan to always start out with at least 2 database instances. don't care if it's active/standby or active/active or whatever. at least 2. but also probably gonna try not to think too hard about databases other than that because it's a time sink.

EDIT: 2023-08-11: mention pavex and clarify database/libsql