progress continues


almost forgot to update this month

i've gotten the hdd bays and the ethernet switches setup on the rack, working on building the 1u rails for the top of rack switches i'm wiring using dac cables, 10g sfp, 40g qsfp, 100g qsfp28. because i want to densely pack them i had to unrack and redo the screws so that the rails don't need a buffer 1u wasting that space. should be fine. i'm going slow with the hardware because i still need a bunch of cpu, gpu, storage. once the basement rack is set and wired i'll finish the 12u secondary rack then it's back to managing xcp-ng and working on a deploy infra. probably terraform nomad vault consul, might play with some k8s, would like to automate xcp with tf but we'll see.

next year i'm downsizing the office area because the 3d printing has taken a back shelf lately. condensing all 3d printers to the basement, no longer using the living room at all. reducing basement footprint other than the server room. just two shelves in the main basement room and then a small corner in the electric room where i have integrated exhaust for handling sla printing. i do not believe sla fumes are healthy and think there is a bit too little care given in common circles around the dangers from contact and inhalation.

anyways, we will see how this goes. it is tedious to maintain dedicated business space and not particularly useful to me until i turn more profits. unfortunately light contracting in addition to heavy investment in r&d/equipment isn't going to immediately solve that issue. I'm more looking at years of development effort and then a variety of project releases that will hopefully have sudden or immediate success.

if not, for anything that doesnt immediately win, the idea is that anything launched can run efficiently on the hardware for years maybe slowly generating some revenue. anyways that is like art like a painter or writer, but also science i want to push these rocks to the limit and then get people to pay me for the outputs. :-) but isn't immediate outputs 'i do thing, i get money' it can take time. not trying to make scammy crap or useless things. if done right the software i make today will be of professional use to me for decades.

in the short term i'm looking inwardly building my own development platform, a small boat that will run itself and can support larger amounts of future work. i have ideas in ai and a game idea and some ideas for networking/interconnecting social platforms, i'll be going slowly with these and maybe working on smaller community projects. things that may generate some goodwill or minor patron income that will be a basis for a network to communicate bigger projects when they are ready for promo.