working on building some clusters. hardware, xcp, talos, maybe play with openstack

ordered the required networking equipment, still need storage and a bit more compute.

will need to acquire some public ips and configure the routers then we can start publishing to the net from the cluster.

probably cloudfront or something in front of that.

first priority after hello world will be self hosting

this smol pub maybe

ssb pub

maybe mastodon

some ssb custom apps i'm not ready to describe yet

ssb to gemini, maybe use status cafe as a template.. may need to fork, may want to talk with m15o and get their opinion self host this, because I can't set a custom domain for the mailing list and so i'll need to run this myself and then hook it into which has a lifetime account for the company domains (and a few external domains for clients/friends/family so long as low storage use because it's all together)

mxroute cleaning needed, then maybe work on some poc email app aside from the mailing list host

todo setup, switch to email driven flow, configure auto repl to github, look into ci, or maybe just use self-hosted actions back to cluster. confirm paying for it, confirm ci access, may need to upgrade tier to get ci access, may abandon if it sucks.

once cluster and domains and all is stable, configure vultr as a second location, wireguard or maybe nebula or check if there is a oss version of that tailscale thing.

ugh handle business paperwork and pay for registered agent

get back to rust emulator/dev env game, host it publically, link to sponsor page ::)

work on a digital zettelkasten probably based on something like

maybe it's not made here, but i couldn't get a hold of zek.