hello from developing today


This is the beginning of the blog. I hope you enjoy the show. Over time I hope to build out multiple tools and services that I can use personally and that others might enjoy. A note-taking app, and a 2d game playground for programming and emulating. I recently finally took the time to adopt Rust and we have been using that exclusively for the past few months for all dt projects.

As an open-source first company based around software research and tooling for developers, building out a revenue stream is a consistent topic. We offer software development services, consulting, and 3d printing services within the Wisconsin, USA area.

Over time, the hope is to build free open-source services with additional features for organizations or customers who need more specific service capabilities. We are not entirely morally opposed to proprietary software and may produce a limited amount in the future. It's more likely for us to have a few private repos for backend purposes than it will be for us to ship proprietary software. In general, everything is open source. We want to provide the code and make money providing you services to run our software as best as it can be ran.

Thanks everyone for reading,

cheers 🤙

~dsp / ketsif / dezren39 / drewrypope@gmail.com